Bush chooses Cheney as running mate

Tuesday July 25 by Claudia bourneusatoday
Texas Gov. George W. Bush Tuesday offered former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney the vice-presidential slot on the GOP ticket; Cheney is said to have accepted the offer. A USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll taken Monday found that 45% of Americans rate Bush's choice as pretty good. Ten percent rated it as excellent; 26% as fair. The selection of Cheney, who has had multiple heart attacks and has undergone a quadruple bypass, prompted his doctors to state that his past health problems should not interfere with his ability to campaign and to hold office. Nearly three out of four voters in Monday's poll said they are "not concerned" that his heart problems would prevent him from serving as president if necessary. Cheney, 59, is a former member of Congress from Wyoming who ran the Pentagon during the Persian Gulf War and, earlier, served as President Ford's chief of staff. He headed Bush's search for a running mate.

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